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II. Nitrogen Generator using CMS

The apparatus is often called Air Separation Nitrogen Plants. The process uses the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). PSA nitrogen generation is achieved through the features of CMS, that are selective adsorption rate and the different adsorption capacity under different pressure. Oxygen molecules are withheld by CMS since its spreading speed is much greater than nitrogen molecules in the minute hole structure when the pressure is increasing. While the nitrogen is released, the carbon molecular sieve recovers, to form a circulatory operation and continuous nitrogen generation.


The PSA process includes Pressure increasing, Nitrogen producing, Pressure balancing, Pressure reducing, Nitrogen releasing. This process repeats and nitrogen is generated continuously. According to the style of re-generation, the process can be categorized into re-generation in vacuum process (VPSA) or re-generation in normal pressure process.

The nitrogen generation plant based on PSA process may consist of the air compressor and purification module, pressure swing and adsorption module, programmable valve controller module (the VPSA process needs the vacuum pump), and the Nitrogen supply module.